The Web is full of sites that describe thermal plasma. Often it is referred to as the fourth state of matter and considered to be the most abundant form of matter in the universe. The most commonly known example of plasma is lightning, or in a man made environment, the spark that jumps across a spark plug. The operating temperature of plasma is hotter than the surface of the sun. This level of heat energy is a powerful tool to use in gasification, or more accurately in this case, disassociation.


Plasma has been documented by many independent sources to be one of the most efficient gasification tools known to man. When this tool is used to process an organic feedstock in an oxygen starved environment the result is the production of synthetic gas also known as syngas.


Many companies have struggled to find effective ways to reclaim the materials resulting in the plasma process. Plasma Power has innovated technology which helps to overcome these hurdles and the economic challenges associated with it. This technology also allows the operating conditions of the process to use industry standard products that have extensive field proven service with documented reliability and availability data.